We Activate Brands
We activate brands

Experience-led, digital-first thinking and capabilities matter more than ever. In a fast-changing world where brands thrive on the experiences they generate, they need a partner that can activate them effectively. This is what Pico Group delivers.

We merge experiential, communication and technological talent to create extraordinary experiences that engage people personally. These are not just designed by teams who know how to visualise powerful content and engagements, nor crafted by digital natives to engage audiences across a range of media, channels and devices. They are all of this and more. Pico Group creates experiences that matter.

Total Brand Activation
  • Digital Enablement
  • Experience Design
Total Brand Activation
Brand Impact

We are Tomorrow Today

Experience matters. In a world of abundant choices and rapid change, we provide an experience-led, digital-first approach to engaging audiences. An approach that delivers tomorrow's extraordinary experience today.

We are Digital

We believe the present and future of experiential marketing are fueled by a combination of innovative experiences and augmented intelligence. New engagement formats and data open the door to more memorable experiences and levels of marketing effectiveness. For more than ten years, Pico has been using digital technologies to evolve what it means to engage people, create experience, and activate brands.

Virtual Events
Interactive Experiences
Data Analytics
Event Technology

Virtual Events

Pico Virtuosity is a tailor-made suite of interactive digital event solutions that deliver best in class virtual and hybrid experiences for both consumer and enterprise.

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Through-the-line activations

We develop interactive and immersive interactions across channels to create a more engaging product and service experience.

Experience Data & Analytics

Measuring the value of events and experiences is challenging.

Experience Pulse was created for Event Marketers that need a better measurement of offline and online experience ROI. ​

Our proprietary methodology uniquely solves this by making it easy to unify, visualize, and analyse many types of data for better insights.

Get in touch to learn how Experience Data can complete your Marketing Cycle.

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Event Technology

We integrate solutions from our ecosystem of technology partners to deliver seamless experiences, from registration, show tech, to attendee tracking, and engagement tools.

We are global

The Pico Group is a world-wide network of agencies that merge experiential, communications and technology talent to create powerful and engaging experiences that activate brands.

For over 50 years Pico has leveraged the platforms of its agencies and the expertise of the best people to become one of the most effective global, independent, agency networks in the world.

50 years | Reimagine. Reinvigorate. Reinvent.

Over our 50+ years the Pico Group has mastered brand activation, crafting immersive experiences that deliver unforgettable and highly effective engagements to target audiences around the world.

Our uniqueness and strength lie in the diversity of our inspired professionals who blend skill sets across experience design, digital enablement and brand engagement to create powerful, engaging, activations engineered for superior results.

We call this Total Brand Activation.

events activated worldwide

Official service provider for
1,200,000+ sq. m.
of gross exhibition space

international awards

Global presence in
35 cities

Production facilities
about 80,000 sq. m.

Some 2,200
talented people worldwide

Revenue nearly
US$579 million

Market capitalisation nearly
US$169 million

Pico Far East Holdings Limited
HKEX Stock Code

Pico (Thailand) Public
Company Limited
Thailand MAI Stock Code

(As of 31 October 2022)

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